10 Most Expensive BMW Car in The World

Various cars offered by expensive BMW German manufacturers, from electric cars like i3 to luxury sedans like the 7 Series that line the series of BMW expensive car, BMW is one of most favorite car brands and always be among the better performing car rankings and better dynamic capabilities. BMW continuously develops the latest technology on every car they sell. Not long ago BMW released a hybrid vehicle named BMW i8.

most expensive BMW car in the world

This car started the electric car industry and called as a car of the future. Not only sophisticated, but the BMW i8 also has a futuristic design and high-performance engine that combines electric engine with a conventional engine, thus making it can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 4.4 seconds making it the most expensive BMW. Technology is one of the great strengths of BMW, and the i8 hybrid supercar is a great example of BMW luxury cars. And in this post, we will present 10 most expensive BMW car in the world

  1. BMW Series 1

Price: US$ 30159

The BMW 1 series is series of premium compact vehicles manufactured by BMW since 2004. The replacement of the BMW E46 Compact, its first generation is marketed with four different body styles: three and five-door variants, coupé, and Cabrio. There are no other vehicles in the compact segment that offers four body styles like the BMW 1 Series.

  1. BMW Series 2

Price: US$ 34085

BMW Series 2 It consists of four different body styles: ‘Coupé,’ ‘Cabrio,’ ‘Active Tourer’ and ‘Gran Tourer.’ Compared to its predecessor model, the new model is seven centimeters longer. It also has a wider width and axle distance wheels higher 30 millimeters. At the same time, the car’s height decreases slightly. That caused the wider interior is obtained and, also, the trunk is wider. The BMW Series 2 is compared to the BMW Series 2 model and, even, with its predecessor model, has improved regarding the aerodynamics.

  1. BMW Series 3

Price: US$ 40807

The 3 Series has set the standard regarding of dynamism, efficiency, and design of BMW luxury cars. The car was first released in 1975 and the newest generation release in 2016. BMW 3 Series has rivals such as Audi A4, Mercedes-Benz C-Class or Volvo S60. Throughout its history, more than 12 million units of six generations of BMW 3 Series have been sold. 

  1. BMW i3

Price: US$ 45447

The BMW i3 is Germany’s first electric car manufacturer. This excellent model means an early signal for a new era. BMW electric has become a reality, but BMW also intends to be a revolution in mobility. Because this car is not most expensive BMW, The challenge of getting an electric BMW that retains the essence of the brand is enormous. For this reason, since 2007 a large group of engineers has dedicated themselves to the development of the new BMW i3

  1. BMW Series 4

Price: US$ 49552

The BMW 4 Series Convertible marks the start of a new era in the BMW convertible model. A new aesthetic generation that gets a lot of praise. The BMW 4 Series Coupe also manifests itself in the Cabrio variant. In addition to the design and the character of the car, several additional technical factors distinguish the BMW 4 Series from the BMW 3 Series model. Compared to its predecessor, the BMW 3 Series, this new model has a wider body and distance between the wheels and the axles looks bigger.

  1. BMW Series 5

Price: US$ 58772

The BMW 5 Series is a four-door car measuring 4.9 meters. Since the 60s, BMW has developed a four-door sedan car profile for the middle segment, combining sporty and elegant. With a sporty body and four doors, the engine is arranged longitudinally on the front and rear-wheel drive, BMW laid the foundation at that time which continues to have great appeal. Sales of the BMW 5 Series have added more than five million units in the five generations sold. Now a new chapter in the history of the BMW 5 Series Sedan begins with a new generation, which follows the legacy of its predecessor.

  1. BMW Series 6

Price: US$ 81972

The BMW 6 Series is referenced in the upper middle segment with high-performance sporty vehicles and quality interiors. BMW 6 Series is divided into three variants: ‘Series 6 Coupe’, ‘Series 6 Convertible’ and ‘Serie 6 Gran Coupe’. Each has its strong personality. All of these variants are based on the BMW 5 Series. There are currently three generations of BMW 6 Series. The first release in 1976, the successor of the 3.0CSi model and maximized with models such as the BMW 635CSi. The second generation of BMW 6 Series officially released in 2004, In 2010, BMW released the third generation of this car, and this BMW type is one of BMW expensive car.

  1. BMW X6

Price: US$ 89705

The BMW X6 is a new automotive category with a different concept of design makes it one of BMW luxury cars. The first Sports Activity Coupé from the manufacturer is fascinating with a design that combines elegance and sporty coupe with great confidence and solidity of the BMW X model.

  1. BMW Series 7

Price: US$ 115939

The BMW 7 Series is the flagship of the German manufacturer. After six generations of BMW 7 Series of most expensive BMW, on the occasion of the launch of the sixth generation, nearly forty years of constant evolution in all levels of BMW cars. With the latest generation, BMW offers a new definition on luxury cars, with exclusive characters and look to the future. With this car, BMW’s luxury sedan aims to redefine driving pleasure and comfort level.

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  1. BMW i8

Price: US$ 165610

Upon the arrival of the BMW i3, the German brand is betting on a new line of hybrid vehicles that wants to show maximum sustainability and labeled as BMW expensive car. The BMW i8, with a 2 + 2 seat configuration, wants to make the driver experience a revolutionary driving way, yet stay true to the fun of driving a typical German car.

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