BMW 4 Series: Prices and Specifications 2018

In this series, BMW 4 series which presents three types bring much difference. If you look at the design on Coupe and Gran Coupe type then at a glance will be very difficult to see the differences that appear on both. Which is clear in the series four, is with a grill display that still symbolizes luxury BMW cars, besides we can see the appearance of bumpers is quite elegant, the design of the three almost the same. In addition to the grand coupe and coupe series you will find the rear seats, so overall this car is capable of carrying five people.

BMW 4 Series: Prices and Specifications

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The grand coupe series has the same dimensions as the Coupe. On the same front, the two models are identical and feature the luxury of a typical BMW like a double kidney grille, dual round lights, and the presence of a large air intake in the front apron. The slight difference on the roof of the BMW 4 Series is the higher Grand Coupe, and more extended with a perfectly smooth design line to the rear panel and trunk lid cap. while for BMW 4 series convertible, of course, more luxurious because the cabin can open automatically.

Manufacturers from Germany is always advantageous to make an impressive appearance, thanks to the characteristics of the grille and BMW logo look. Because of outstanding vehicle performance and design, BMW 4 series price is tagged around $ 40,000. But the difference of each type in the BMW 4 Series is quite far away, for those who want a car type convertible,  this car priced more than $ 42,000. For more details here are the BMW 4 Series prices And specifications.

BMW 4 Series Specifications:



Machine Type: 3 cylinder 4 valve WITH TURBO

Cylinder Capacity: 1,500 cc

Max Power: 100hp @ 4,400 RPM

Maximum Torque: 220 Nm @ 4,300 RPM

Fuel Capacity: 60 L

Weight: 1950 kg



Length: 4,638 mm

Width: 1,545 mm

Height: 1.377 mm

Empty Weight: 2,035 kg

Wheel Axle Distance: 2.761 mm


Suspension / Legs

Front Tires: 225/50 R17 94V

Rear Tires: 225/50 R17 94V

Velg: 7.5J x 17 inches, light-alloy




Luggage Space

Power Windows Control

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)



AC Dual Zone Control Autoclimate

Rear Ventilation AC

Paddle Shift

Rain Sensor + Auto Wiper


Cruise Control

Audio Control Steering

Wood Panel

Leather Seat

Auto Steering Set


The exterior

Front Lamp


Front Grill

Design And Dimensions

BMW 4 Series: Prices and Specifications

If at a glance to see a BMW 4 series car then surely will be amazed and want to have. BMW 4 series convertible model supports this cool display, or the roof can be opened with automatic technology, although this car is not Coupe type, there will be two rows of a seat with a total capacity of maximum five people including drivers.

Cool design of the BMW 4 Series convertible itself seen on the front of the car is quite elegant. Typical of the BMW car is the grille itself. The grille design will automatically open when the car engine in a hot state, automatically incoming air will slightly cool the car engine, for the bumper design itself this car looks equipped with a sporty bumper and felt very match with open roof design.

Engine performance

BMW 4 Series: Prices and Specifications

Although only equipped with 1500 cc engine but the BMW 4 Series is already equipped with a turbo. Using a 3-cylinder engine with four valves makes the BMW 4 Series capable of spraying 100hp power at 4400 rpm, while for torque, the car is recorded to have 220 nm of torque per 4300 rpm, so you will also feel a comfortable sensation despite driving at low speed.

For fuel consumption, the BMW 4 Series is one of a series of BMW cars that have low fuel consumption. This can be seen with a relatively small engine capacity of 1500 cc. for the size of the fuel tank, the car is equipped with a capacity of 60 liters. Although it has a fairly small cylinder content, with the help of Turbo this car must be able to go fast enough.


BMW 4 Series price around US$ 52,445. Which is carried by the BMW 4 Series Convertible were using a roof that can be open will undoubtedly increase the price of this car. Regarding rivals, this vehicle is overshadowed by the manufacturer from Asia, such as Mazda Miata which equally offer cars with an open roof. Mazda Miata valued around US$ 26,000. There is also the name of Daihatsu Copen which is priced at US$ 22,770.

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