Ferrari F12: Reviews, Specification And Prices

Ferrari is not a new name in the automotive world, especially when talking about high performance, powerful engine, speed, comfort, and beautiful body design. This brand creates a better vehicle than any other manufacturer, being the best and making the competition with other automakers in its segment increasingly tight.

Ferrari F12: Reviews, Specification And Prices

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Ferrari F12berlinetta, launched in 2012, is a masterpiece of this Italian giant manufacturer. Gran Turismo is packed in high-powered engines under its hood to generate power and performance. This sports car comes in 2 doors and 2 + 2 seating configuration with many exciting features both inside and outside.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta specification:

65-degree V12 engine type

Total displacement is 6,262 cc

Maximum power 740 ps at 8,500 rpm

Maximum torque is 690 Nm at 6000 rpm

The length is 4,618 mm

The width is 1,942 mm

Height 1,273 mm

Maximum speed of 340 km per hour

0-100 km / h in 3.1 seconds

Interior & Features

Ferrari F12: Reviews, Specification And Prices

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Ferrari Berlinetta comes with a perfect interior combined with comfort and sophistication. Leather seats are sporty and comfortable and latest technology increasingly complement the interior. The cockpit not only has a large enough space but also able to captivate passengers. Interior decoration clad in leather makes it seem luxurious.

The dashboard contains instrument panel and steering wheel power. Ferrari also has TFT, Bluetooth connectivity, and sat-nav technology for entertainment and practicality of passengers. Climate controls, electrically adjustable steering wheels and seats are some of the standard features available in this vehicle to enhance comfort. The 320-liter boot room is available in this car, which can be upgraded to 500 liters to accommodate passenger baggage.


Ferrari F12: Reviews, Specification And Prices

Ferrari F12berlinetta has a beautiful exterior measuring 4618 mm long x 1942 mm width x 1273 mm tall, at a glance the design looks same as Ferrari f12 tdf. The wheelbase distance of 2720 mm ensures passengers get a more extensive interior space along with adequate legroom and headroom. This vehicle uses 12-inch alloy wheels with 255/35 R20 front tires and 315/35 R20 rear tires for good grip when the car is driving at high speed.

The design of this car is made in such a way as to provide speed and comfort as well. The Aero Bridge structure of the hood supports lower pressure and keeps the Ferrari product stable while driving at high speeds. This car has a flat bottom body that helps to improve efficiency. Thick body lines and stretched up to the rear glass make it seem sporty and elegant.

Machine and Fuel Consumption

The large 6.3-liter V12 powerhouse capacity engine in the F12berlinetta has proven its performance. This giant machine spouted an enormous maximum power, which is 740 CV at 8250 rpm and peak torque of 690 Nm at 6000 rpm.

Speaking of acceleration, the vehicle strikes 100 km / h from rest in just 3.1 seconds as seen on the speedometer with a top speed of 340 km / h. Mileage is also adequate for fuel consumption of 15 L / 100 km. The amount of gas emissions is 350 g / km which is low enough for a high-performance sports car.


Ferrari F12berlinetta is packed with various safety features to ensure the safety and security of passengers and the vehicle itself. In addition to the airbag and pre-tensioner, this car has a front and rear impact beam that can absorb collisions and minimize injuries to passengers during a crash.

Anti-theft alarms are available in Ferrari f12 to guarantee only verified people can start the car. Anti-Lock Braking System, Electronic Stability Control, and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution are also installed in the vehicle to control the vehicle when driving at high speed. A sophisticated carbon ceramic braking system embedded in this Ferrari along with an evolution magnetorheological suspension for excellent handling at high speeds.


Ferrari Berlinetta is sold for about US $ 295,000 regional differences may affect the price.


The Ferrari F12berlinetta is one of the most powerful high-powered Ferrari’s of all that has ever been produced, and is probably the most beautiful. Only one thing can stop people to buy it, that is a high price, but at the same time for people who are looking for a high-performance car the money is not a big issue.

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