Types of car insurance

You need to ensure your car, you do not want to pay what you do not wish to, but you also can not avoid something that in a short time will make you lose. Knowing the type of insurance that is available is the first step to be able to choose the perfect protection for your car, the following kinds of types of car insurance for you.

types of car insurance

Third party insurance

The first type of insurance is the most straightforward and most essential, as the name implies. This is the minimum insurance that every car must have to be eligible to be driven in the road. Also is known as third-party insurance or primary insurance.

All third party insurance must include compulsory civil liability insurance. This type of coverage includes material and personal damage that causes the car to be insured to a third party. The insured car and its driver are exempted from this type of insurance protection.

This primary insurance usually includes an extension of civil liability known as an additional public liability that extends the civil liability insurance economically.

Driver insurance also begins to be incorporated into third-party policies, but this is not always the case, so it’s crucial that you take these details into account when comparing and choosing your car insurance.

Extended third party insurance

According to the needs and demands of current drivers, insurance companies have increased their offer of insurance to third parties by offering a type of policies somewhat less basic, but not as complete as those that are called all risk coverage.

In this expanded or complete group of extended third-party insurance policies, you will find a range of coverage that you can choose independently or in package format, depend on the insurance company offer.

Coverage of total or partial damage from windows or windshield, insurance for fire or repair damage suffered by car, They is the most common in expanded third-party insurance.

More complete third-party policies offer special services and assistance to drivers such as civil liability of policyholders and civil liability of minors driving without a license, fines, subsidies by deprivation of driver’s license, vehicle theft, or interest and borrowing costs for vehicle repair.

This type of insurance to third parties with widespread coverage is desirable so that drivers can complete their protection and vehicles according to their use, priorities, and needs, without having to lose anything important, even if you choose a third party insurance.

All risks

High-risk car insurance offers a full range of coverage, assistance, and services for drivers and their vehicles.

They include, of course, mandatory public liability insurance, but also all policies that complement such policies to third parties such as broken windows or vehicle theft.

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All risky policies include the driver and self-insured car in case of an accident, regardless of whether or not the cause is caused; although there is no third party, as in the case of damage when parking, the car is insured at all risk is also protected in these circumstances.

Practical services and for habitual use by drivers, such as the replacement vehicle or the defense of traffic fines, are also facilities enjoyed by holders of car insurance at all risk.

There are two basic modalities within full risk insurance. You can find all-risk policies with or without a franchise. Franchise insurances may be cheaper in principle but have the disadvantage that only covers a part of the expenses related to the loss.

As long as the repair or assistance costs are less than the set premium amount in the contract, for example, 300 euros, it is the insurance holder who has to take care of the invoices.

All-risk insurance without excess is the most complete and efficient that can be contracted to protect a vehicle, the responsibility for the protection of the insured car falls exclusively and integrally on the insurance company.

The maximum coverage before any eventuality or possibility is included in this type of insurance that meets all the needs and demands of drivers regardless of their circumstances.

Car insurance option can be either at all risk or to third parties, but keep in mind that within each of these two options there are a lot of details that can change from one company to another.

On the other hand, the insured must pay attention to the economic amounts that are assured limits of expenditure in each of the coverages, and that can suppose a significant difference in the final price, but also a very different degree of protection.

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